Friday, October 3, 2008

Got an Opinion?

Did you attend the wine tasting this week? Have any favorites? Love something, hate something? Here is you chance to get it off you chest.

At the shop we did notice some interesting trends: Firstly the white wines were way down in sales, and conversely reds were way up. Is it the time of the year, the selection, did everybody just miss Alex and Deedee so much that they protested the white selections? (I thought Joan was great at that table.)

One of the most popular reds, the W.J. Meeks "Red" from Washington State sold out immediately. It is simply great fall weather wine, a blend of Cab/Merlot/CabFranc with a little Syrah thrown in. If my sources aren't lying to me that wine should be back in stock next week! So if you missed out, check in after Monday/Tuesday.

And of course the great values from Spain continue to impress!

For your review, here is the list:

Table 1 Whites

1. Joel Gott, Sauv. Blanc California $13.99

2. Flama Roja, Tarrragona Spain $12.99

3. Argos Albarino $24.99

4. Clos Robert, Chardonnay $11.99

5. Juliette Avril Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc
normal price $49.99 on sale $24.99

6. Las Renas, Rosé $9.99/$8.97

Table 2 Spain

1. Moragana Tempranillo, Ribera del Júcar $9.99/ $8.97

2. Toscar Tempranillo Crianza, Alicante$10.99/$9.97

3. Vina Vermita, Monastrell, Alicante $12.99/ $10.97

4. Flor Tempranillo, La Mancha $16.99/ $12.99

5. Bodegas Lan, Crianza, Rioja $14.99

6. La Ninota, Priorat $19.99

Table 3 America/Australia

1.Pappas Wine Co. Pinot Noir Oregon $26.99

2. W J Meeks “Red” Washington $17.99/$15.97

3. Marquis Phillips, Shiraz $16.99

4. Turchi Syrah, Santa Barbara $21.99

5. Opolo Summit Creek Zinfandel, Paso Robles $19.99

6. Trevor Jones,Jonesy Port, Barossa Australia $10.99

October Sale Prices marked in red


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
Looks like a lovely list. thanks for posting it on your site. Tom (Bartel) and I are in Idaho, on the back side of the Tetons, and ran across a very nice bottle of wine last night: a Rioja, Solar de Ranchez (2002). It's apparently a small vineyard - and this was imported by Bon Vivante ? in Boise, ID. We are long time Rioja fans, so thought we'd pass it along! I'm back in town next week and would like to stop in to talk. Thanks,
Kris Henning

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I was one of the many that purchased the W J Meeks "Red" and look forward to sharing it at "Mom's Night Out" tomorrow. I'm not a tempranillo fan but enjoy other Spanish wines like the Vina Vermita, Monastrell, Alicante - a flavorful wine at a great price. Enjoy the weekend -

Denis said...

Hi Sam,
Also bought a bottle of Meeks on the way out from the tasting. Been enjoying the wine the past 2 nights!
I can't say that I found unequivocal id of the grapes in the wine. A related (but not identical) red from Meeks Vineyard contains the grapes you mention - but it wasn't exactly the same bottling.
I was in a rush and only did the 2 red tables. As you say, maybe it's the weather.
BTW, also enjoyed the tempranillos.
- Denis RYono

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed "Meet the Press." Hope you make more of these available -- it would be fun to see all the steps in the winemaking process demonstrated. I have read a lot, but there's nothing like a visual to get the point across.